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2009-04-10 10:57 am

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Hmmmm - I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to toggle on and off the detailed friends stats you see on other people's profiles.  I foresee wank coming if you can't turn off the ability for other people to see who you've actually granted access to your journal for.  But I like being able to see it, then again, I've been a fairly wankfree person thus far.
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2009-03-31 08:36 pm

beta beta beta beta mushroom mushroom

Well, I guess this is where I try to break things, hmmm? Although I'm not sure why I signed up for a beta when I hate testing at work. ;)

I wonder how modified the fckeditor in the LJ codebase is, aside from the LJ-specific mods.  I know I'm sick and tired of tracking down all its issues, I should look at the changelog to see if I can cannibalize anything.